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2B, Grant Lane, 2nd Floor, R. No. 74, Kolkata - 12
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15, Jatin Das Road, 5th Floor, Kolkata - 700 026
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(O) 4064 6049
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98310 42186
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Calcutta City of Joy
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Practising Chartered Accountant
Post Held in District :
DC Child Welfare (2010- 2013), DC Quest (2013-2014) Region Chairman & 2nd VDG (17-18)

Lion Arun Kr Jain joined the movement in the year 1999 as a Charter Member of Lions Club of Calcutta City of Joy. He became the President of Club in the year 2001-02. He has served the District with the Distinction & has his imprint on all positions he held & was awarded. He received Excellent Zone Chairman, Best Region Chairperson, 5 International Certificate of Apprciation, 5 International President Pins, Leadership Medal, Presidential Medal, Lion of the Year Award from District as well as Multiple. He was instrumental in District getting maximum number of LCI & LCIF Grants. He has attended6 Multiple Convention. Graduated in RLLI in 2002 as well as SLLI in 2007-08. His wife Vidya is also Active Lion Member & MJF. They are blessed with two daughter - Sanskrity & Vidushree - both are Lion Members.