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K. K. Poddar & Associates, 135A, B. R. B. Basu Road, 2nd Floor, Kolkata – 700 001
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BL-376, Salt Lake City, Sector-II, Tank No. 5 Kolkata – 91
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98310 30221
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Calcutta Cosmopolitan
Occpn. :
Chartered Accountant (In Practice)
Post Held in District :
Zone Chairperson (94-95), Region Chairman (09-10), DC-Youth Exchange (10-11), Cabinet Treasurer (11-12), Advisor to DG (12-13), Chief Advisor & Cabinet Secretary (13-14), GLT Co-ordinator (14-16) 2nd Vice District Governor (16-17)

Lion Kishan Kumar Poddar was born on 22nd July, 1960 in a respected joint family. He is Commerce Graduate (B.Com – Hon.) from St Xaviers’ College, Calcutta University and a Chartered Accountant (F.C.A.) in Practice since 1983. He is in practice for Audit, Corporate and Securities Law, Taxation and Consultancy. He is an active social volunteer. He is associated with Bharat Relief Society, Purwanchal Kalyan Parivar Milan.

He joined Lionism in 1982 as a LEO member of Calcutta Circular and 1987 as a Charter Member of Calcutta Cosmopolitan. He has held President post (92-94 and 2008-09) in his home club – Lions Club of Calcutta Cosmopolitan. He is also a Melvin Jones Fellow.Whole Family is Lion associated as Lion Member including his Spouse Sudha His Brother Sushim & his Spouse Jyoti and daughter Ashmika. He was State President (West Bengal) of Indian Junior Chamber in 1989-90.

Kishan Kumar Poddar is active in numerous Professional, educational, sports and social welfare/community organizations. He is associated with Direct Taxes Professionals’ Association, Association of Company Executives & Company Law and Merchant Chamber of Commerce. Kishan Kumar Poddar and his wife Sudha are in Joint Family with his younger brother Sushim Poddar and are blessed with have two daughter name are Ashmika and Aparajita and one son Harshvardhan.