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First Lions Club in the World
Dallas in USA on October 8, 1917

First INT Convention
October 8-10, 1917 at Dallas, Texas

First International President of Lions Clubs International
Lion Dr. William P. Woods of Evansville, Indiana (USA) 1917-18

First Lions Magazine Published
In November 1918, Editor Lion Melvin Jones

First Lions Club outside USA
Lions Club of Windsor Ontario, Canada (1924-25)

First International President Outside USA
Ln Harry A Newman, Toronto Ontario, Canada (1924-25)

First International President from ASIA
Lion Kero “Kay” Murarakami of Kyoto Japan (1981-82)

First International Lady Director
Lion Nilofer Bakhtiar, Pakistan (1999-2001)

First CLIF grant given to
Turkey in the aid of Epileptics

First Melvin Jones Fellow in the World
Lion William C Clayton, Fort Laundredale, Florida (USA)

First Lady Fist Governor in the World
Lion Louise Calombbnia District 103-C (France), 1991-92

First Campaign Sightfirst Model Cub
LC of Albany (Evening) having 30 members, raised more than 76000 us$ for CSF

First Lioness Club in the world
Pleasant Lioness Club, North Carollina, 24th Dec 1975

First Leo Club in the World
Leo Club of Gleneside, Pennsylvania, USA