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We are a part of world’s largest social service organization, volunteering towards making a difference in our community. We render need based services covering areas from health-care by running Blood Bank, own multi-facility hospitals, specialised clinics to projects on environment protection to educational institutions and vocational training Centres and urge to meethumanitarian needs.

We invite likeminded people who share a passion for social service, for encouraging peace and promoting friendship to reach every corner where we are needed and accomplish our mission together.

Whenever a Lions clubs gets together, problems get smaller. And communities get better. That's because we help where help is needed in our own communities and around the world with unmatched integrity and energy.

Our 45,000 clubs and 1.35 million members make us the world's largest service club organization.

India is the second largest community and the fastest growing community of Lions Clubs volunteers in the world. Lions Clubs established its presence in India in 1956 and today has 2,40,000 members across 6,400 Clubs. Lions volunteers reach out to help anywhere across the country, even in the remotest locations.

From providing instant assistance during sudden disasters such as the recent Malin, Pune, landslide, helping over 50,000 people see again or taking over the education of abandoned families, Lions have created a huge impact on Indian society.

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Lions Clubs International has a special cell in India to help corporates, government bodies, NGOs and philanthropists partner with Lions who will help them identify, facilitate, and successfully implement projects for various social needs. Lions Clubs is the worldwide leading NGO for accountability, transparency and partnerships. It has vast expertise in managing and executing large social projects, working closely with the partner, ensuring accountability and effectiveness.

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Where there’s a need, there’s a Lion. Lions Clubs International is the largest service club organization in the world. Our 1.4 million members perform valuable service in 210 countries and geographic areas around the globe. Lions are friends, family and neighbors who share a core belief: community is what we make it.